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          Wuxi Sunrise Paper Products Co., Ltd
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          As the leading supplier of natural tracing paper, Wuxi Sunrise Paper Products Co. Ltd has been servicing our satisfied and loyal clients world wide with the superior quality of tracing and related specialty paper product.

          With the state-of-art facility, extensive know-how and consistent quality, our best known “Diamond”, “Emerald” and “Euromax”  brands of tracing paper is ideal for CAD inkjet and laser plotting, offset printing, foil stamping and other application of luxury packaging, so does the fascinating color tracing series. The premium inkjet and laser bond paper, sketching paper and blueprint plotting paper adds to the complete need of engineering design. 

          As our vision, we believe in partnership with our customer, our supplier and our staff team. We judge our value with partners’ satisfaction, and build our growth with partners’ success.